Programs & Coaching

It all starts here. With this 14-week program, you'll learn how to sell to your target market in a way that's sincere, not slimy. You'll get the tools you need, the support you want, and maybe even a little tough love. Plus, plan to network with like-minded professionals who also have a passion for success.

Reality check: How is your sales pipleline looking? If it isn't overflowing, the Pipeline workshop is for you. This full-day workshop harnesses the power of your network and pairs it with a proven referral generation process. The results are amazing: Prepare to leave the workshop with a calendar full of prospect appointments.

Have you ever tried to close a deal with someone who didn't "get" you? Usually, we assume that we should follow the Golden Rule: treat others as you would want to be treated. In reality, we should treat others as they would want to be treated. In this info-packed four-hour workshop, you'll identify your prospect's behavioral style, and learn how to dramatically increase your close rate.

In this case, more is more: The Top 12 Power Meeting is like The Pipeline on steroids. We bring together your top referral sources in one room, and we create referral-generating machine. Not only will you get referrals, so will your referral sources. Win-win.