A breath of fresh air for your business.

Feeling stuck? Sales process not working? Searching for more passion, direction, and purpose in your work? Nanette’s workshops shake things up and get the new inspiration flowing in just a few hours! Designed for individuals and teams who want to grow together. 

Find Your Why

What if your #1 sales tool was hiding in your story?  

You know what you do, or sell, but do you know Why? “To make money!” Might be your knee-jerk answer. But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Discovering the answer to this simple yet maddening question is the key to setting yourself apart from the competition in business and connecting with your “people”. And by people, I mean the ones that just “get” you, can’t get enough of you, and want to buy everything you’re selling. Your Why helps you connect on an emotional level – because we humans are emotional creatures – even in business. 

What is your Why? Simply put, it’s the reason you get out of bed in the morning. It’s the flame of inspiration that drives you and the kind of work you do. It’s a common thread interwoven through your life which influences your values, your decisions, and your goals. Each person’s Why is as unique as our varied and colorful life experience.

In this illuminating three-session workshop, Nanette will help you and your team dig deep into your stories, identify your Why, and transform it into your #1 sales tool. 

  • Private sessions or group sessions of up to five people
  • Discover your unique Why story
  • Incorporate your Why story into your everyday sales/business processes
  • Learn how to connect with prospects using your Why story
  • 3-Session program

Curious about what your Why could do for business?

What Clients Are Saying

Nanette is genuine. She has a way to quickly establish rapport with her clients. Nanette relates to others based upon her various life experiences and helps them capture what’s best about themselves in order to monetize it and build a business. 

I have attended several business meetings, workshops, and multi-session learning series that Nanette has held. She is an excellent teacher and an engaging speaker. Her classes are fun, full of practical tips and hacks that can be used immediately to get improved results. I highly recommend hiring Nanette Polito as a business coach for your company and sales staff. 

Linda M. Austin, Senior Loan Originator,
VanDyk Mortgage Co.

From Vision to Action

When was the last time you invited imagination into your business?

It’s easy to get stuck on the hamster wheel of today’s “to-do list” and lose touch with the big picture. Before you know it, you’re feeling dispassionate, burnt out, and lost. A shift is needed – pronto. 

Creating a powerful vision is the secret to motivating yourself and your team to do award-winning work. Whether you want to go to the moon, or around the corner, a vibrant vision that you can clearly see, hear, taste, touch, and smell in your mind’s eye is the starting point. A great vision should excite and inspire. 

What if you treated the vision of your business with the same enthusiasm you have for your next vacation? 

In this three-session workshop, Nanette helps participants clarify their vision and create an actionable plan to get there. 


  • Groups of 3 to 15
  • Create a 3- or 5-year vision of your business
  • Gain clarity on exactly where you want your business to be in the coming years
  • Create a Vision Board and processes for how to make it a reality
  • 3-Session Program

What Clients Are Saying

I worked with Nanette several years ago and one of the exercises that we did was to create a “vision board”.  At first, I thought it was a bit hokey but I followed through and literally placed everything I wanted in my future on that board.  I taped it on the inside of my closet so I’d see it every morning and evening.  I’m here right now on the beach in Florida and I can honestly say that I’ve achieved every goal I had put on that board.  Nanette’s guidance and enthusiasm definitely contributed to my personal success.

Mike Stallings, Online Payment Evangelist