The mood at Arlinghaus Heating & Air Conditioning has changed from above average to “greatness.” Nanette made a huge impact on my business life which also affected my personal life. The changes are un-imaginable. I have applied the tools that I learned from Nanette Polito to the Arlinghaus team and we are able to set goals that are clear and achievable. I had never truly put together an in-depth business plan and now I have. It is our path to follow with purpose and direction. I have been able to polish our mission statement creating one that is true to the Arlinghaus values. It is mandatory that every time we have a team meeting the mission statement is read out loud. The team loves it, they believe in it and they want to be part of it. It is: “Through Teamwork, we will achieve and exceed the expectations of our customers by providing the best quality solutions, products, and services provided by highly trained and integrity like-minded individuals. People don’t care how much we know until they know how much we care. Service is our passion.” We now have weekly meetings with the installation and service departments. We are taking photos of all jobs and sharing them on a projector during the meeting. We then can collaborate to determine what we did correctly and what could have been done better. We refer to service manuals that are read aloud and encourage each team member to do some research at home. Arlinghaus has a standard to live up to and this tool helps us to achieve the best possible customer care. Learning the skills to develop my company operating procedures and implementing them, has also affected my personal life. Because of the direction my business is now going, I have been able to enjoy much needed time at home with Heather and my kids with no stress. The payoff is tremendous! So I am saying to you from the bottom of my heart, keep doing what you are doing because you have affected more than just my life, you have affected the lives of 26 Arlinghaus employees. They come to work with a purpose and they can go home in a great mood which affects their family life too. WAHOO!