Over the last two years, my entire approach to sales and marketing has experienced a radical overhaul thanks in no small part to Nanette and her passionate teaching and coaching. Through Nanette's curriculum and peppered with her own experience and wisdom, she has refined (and in some cases eliminated) the skills that I have developed over a 25-year career in sales and sales management. If you had given me an examine and one of the questions read something such as, "Which are easier to close, referred leads or cold prospecting leads?" I knew the answer. However, I never knew how to get out of the cycle of HUNT | KILL | EAT. That may sound crude, but that is the sales process for most companies. What Nanette taught, but more importantly, COACHED me to do was effectively build deeply committed referral partnerships. These partnerships have brought greater results than I could have ever achieved alone. It's not rocket science, but it is a system that you can replicate over and over again. Then, once your referral partners start using the same system, you begin to experience the synergy of referral marketing. Thank you Nanette for your investment in my business, but mostly for your investment in me.