How quickly can you articulate to a lead or referral partner your “why” you are in business? If it’s more than 60 seconds, Nanette Polito can help you communicate your passion clearly and effectively. I have been fortunate that Nanette has coached me weekly. After only a few short weeks, small changes to my pattern of practice resulted in more leads, stronger referral relationships, and loans in the pipeline. Nanette is genuine. She has a way to quickly establish rapport with her clients. Nanette relates to others based upon her various life experiences and helps them capture what’s best about themselves in order to monetize it and build a business. I have attended several business meetings, workshops, and multi-session learning series that Nanette has held. She is an excellent teacher and an engaging speaker. Her classes are fun, full of practical tips and hacks that can be used immediately to get improved results. I highly recommend hiring Nanette Polito as a business coach for your company and sales staff.