Time is the most precious of all the commodities that we have.  Once time passes, we can never get it back! However, you knew that.  It can be one of our biggest regrets, letting time slip by.

Yesterday, in our discussion with The WOW Group (We Will Work Our Way Through Together), one of the participants Melissa Wolz of Active Life Massage, brought the subject of ‘time’ up.  She was talking about how she and others have used the words, ‘I wish I had more time’ or ‘I don’t have enough time’.  What she found is that right now, she has more time than she ever had before, as her business was totally shut down by the pandemic.  Then she gave some examples of how she was using this time she has now found.  She is decorating eggs; those are the ones in the picture.  She does woodworking and is making some creations in her basement. She has been listening to and reading some educational material that will help her in her business. And, she also has made some masks!  Melissa is definitely not letting time slip past her.  She is making the most of it. 

Her talking about what she is doing got me thinking about how much time we are getting back and how are we using it.  People aren’t driving back and forth to work.  That probably saves 2 hours a day.  They don’t have to go out to eat, so lunch hours could be much shorter, there is another 30 minutes to an hour gotten back.  Then there is the ‘office chatter’ with co-workers that isn’t happening.  That is probably another hour or so, gotten back.  So, for round numbers, I just represented four hours you probably have back in your day you didn’t before. 

What are you doing with that time? 

  • Are you making your workday more productive so the extra time could be used with our family or favorite past time?
  • Are you using that time to enhance your business and work on new ideas?
  • Are you using the time in sharpening your skills?
  • Are you using your time to reach out to past clients, friends, your family, that you might now have spoken to in a long time? 
  • Are you learning to do something new? 
  • Are you relaxing more?
  • Are you watching more shows? 
  • Are you doing those repairs around your house you wanted to do for so long?

 The list of what you could be doing is so long!  I, most likely, have not even scratched the surface. 

What have I been doing you ask? I have been working on some programs that I can introduce.  I have been learning how to speak French, (there is a long way to go on this one).  Also, working on puzzles, called friends and family, (some I haven’t spoken to in a while), sending out cards to past clients or people I met networking just to let them know I was thinking of them.  Zoom meetings, yes, I have done a lot of Zoom meetings (that will be the topic of my next blog).  My husband and I have played a ton of games of Five Crowns (a great card game if you don’t know it).  And yes, I started blogging again and that feels really good. 

So what does that come to? A minimum of four hours a day times five is 20 hours a week you could possibly have gotten back.  There is so much you can do with that!  What are you doing, what are you going to do?  Please let us know how you are using your time. We would love ideas on how we can use this precious time! 

PS:  Melissa is a GREAT massage therapist, please visit her website by clicking here.   And, if you would like to join us on our weekly Thursday, group chat via Zoom for the We Will Work Our Way Through Together at 3 p.m.  send me a message by clicking here and I will send you the link. 

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