“Laughter is the shortest distance between two people.”

Musician/Comedian, Victor Borge

I Love getting Inspiration!

This quote came to me in my email the other day, and it really stuck. I could not stop thinking about it. It hit me because there is not a lot of laughter going on in the world right now, between the pandemic, riots, and protesting, laughter is in short supply. As a matter of fact, some people may find it extremely hard to find any humor in anything lately. And, yet maybe that is what the world could use, a little laughter, even in the smallest of things. 

 Scientific America wrote a great article in 2016, showing results that people who laughed more actually had a better chance of living longer. They found that people with a strong sense of humor live longer despite illness, especially cardiovascular disease and infection.  Psychology Today had another article in 2013 that also believed laughter could lengthen a person’s life. 

They compiled a list of some comedians ages: 

Bob Hope 100

George Burns 100

Victor Borge 92

Bob Newhart 90 and still working (I updated this from the article), The Big Bang Theory. 

Johnny Carson 80

Bea Arthur 87 

(These people use their sense of humor for their livelihood, maybe I should change professions.)

And there are many more. As a matter of fact, Betty White, who is 98, wasn’t on their list. She, too, is still working. I am beginning to believe that maybe there is something to this laughter thing.  

Before the pandemic hit,

 a group of our friends got together once a month without fail. I would call it my ‘two-hours of laugh therapy’ every month. That was all we did, laugh for two hours. We would laugh about the stupidest stuff, and I mean belly laugh until there were tears in our eyes. One time we even got a whole restaurant involved in our laughter. We were waiting for two of our friends to show up, and they kept getting lost. No matter how we tried to give them directions, they could not find the place. Yes, they had a GPS; however, that was failing them too. We, the ‘direction givers’ on the phone, were laughing so hard that people around us became curious. They started to understand what was happening, and when our friends finally showed up, the whole restaurant applauded for them. Every person in the room was smiling and laughing. Laughter is so contagious. Now that should be the disease that spreads quickly …laughter. 

So, what doe this have to do with business? We have to try and find our laughter there too. Or at least we have to find our smiles. We need them, because for some right now it is so hard. Their businesses may be struggling, they may be trying to reinvent their business, or they are using new methods of doing business. They are not sure how to get their clients back or even their employees. There is just so much going on. Smiling and laughing can get lost in all the muck. 

So, where do you find the smiles? 

In the ‘Working Our Way Group,’ we talked about what one does when their day gets thrown off track. That can really stop the smiles.  Gayle Brock, of Brock Consulting, who was participating, stated, “Find the small victories.” Yes, that is a place to find your smiles. Look for the small things that have gone right, something you accomplished, a person you’ve spoken with. Whatever little thing that can bring a smile to you. Another idea was about reviewing your plan and working your plan. Doing those small things in your plan can make you smile. Oh, and your ‘to-do’ list. Marking an item off your list should make you smile or at least feel good. You can also find your smiles in helping others, your employees, your teammates, clients, or even someone who wasn’t expecting your help. Those actions can make you feel better and hopefully smile. It will make them smile and remember you; smiling is contagious! 


Then there is laughter and your business

Yes, you do need to be serious about your business and what you are doing. However, remember that laughter can help you live longer. Who do you have that you are around at work each day that you might be able to spend a little time with and get some good laughs going? Come on…think… you have someone, even if you must call them up! Who? Ok, got them? Good! Now, make it your business to talk to that person at least every other day! You can even let them know your plan and that you are both going to be each other’s comic relief for a little bit of the day. Years ago, when I was working in California, the guy who was our computer tech, David Rimi, would always show up with a joke. He would make us all laugh! We looked forward to when he was coming into the office. In stressful situations, which we had many, he was such a great relief to a day. Do you know he and I are still friends and it has been 38 years! After all these years, we always make each other laugh.

Social Media can be intense, 

especially right now. However, when I go on to Facebook, I find myself scrolling quickly to find Josh Hudson’s posts! He posts something every day that will make you laugh! I can’t wait to get to his posts, and when he as more than one, it is a bonus!! Find your friends on social media that make you smile, and when you are having a no-smile day, go and read their posts and get a little laugh going! (Bypass all the negative stuff, remember this is about laughing and relieving stress). I have a couple of those friends and am so grateful for them! Where do they find all those animal videos?! 


Laughter is the best medicine

It can help you live longer. It can help fill your soul. We all need it, even in the worst of times. Look for your smile, your laughter. It will lift you to where you want to be! 

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