I am compelled to write this blog. 

The reason is that last week I was blessed with three different occasions of fabulous customer service.  Please allow me to tell you about them.

My First Experience 

A package from Amazon was supposed to arrive at my home on Sunday.  Alexa informed me that it had arrived via USPS and it was in my mailbox.  Well, it wasn’t.  We have community mailboxes here, so my thought was that it was put in the wrong box and if one of my neighbors got it they would be so kind as to bring it to me.  I did go online and filed a report that it hadn’t arrived and on Monday, in-between clients, I tried to call the postal service to let them know and see what they could do. However, that wasn’t an easy or good process.  So, on Tuesday, while I was out I decided to just stop by the post office and let them know what happened. What I expected and got were two totally different things! My expectations were they would tell me to continue to wait and see if it turned up, or they would look into it, but not really.  My thoughts were entirely incorrect as that is not what happened! 

Here is what happened. At the counter of the Hebron, KY USPS Office was a postal service worker by the name of Jeana.  When it was my turn, I explained my situation and stated that she probably couldn’t do much for me, however, I thought I would give it a try.  She immediately went into action, taking down the tracking number and explaining that the boxes are tracked by GPS and she was going to see where it was. She learned that yes, it was delivered to my neighborhood and I should have it.  We both figured it must have been put in the wrong box.  I said that one of the neighbors probably had it and hopefully they will get it to me.  She explained that people tend to let their mail pile up, so she would have someone look in the boxes and see if they could find it.  I was just amazed and very appreciative of all the work she was putting into this.  She told me she would call me later and let me know.  The next thing was what put it over the top.  My belief is that after work, on her own time, she drove out here to my neighborhood and personally went through the mailboxes to look for it.  At 5:30 p.m. my doorbell rang and there stood Jeana with my box in her hand. She explained that the box was actually in another set of boxes at the other end of the neighborhood.  Jeana, that was outstanding customer service you will always be my #1 postal person!!!  

My Second Experience 

This case of Outstanding Customer Service involved my dentist. 

Without going into all the gory details, since October 2018 I have been dealing with a dental issue that has involved implants, braces, and now crowns.  We are on the home stretch, however, even the home stretch has had its challenges.  During all of this, I found it necessary to change dentists not once, but twice.  I really hit a home run with the new dentist and her team!  It is Dr. Wilson of Four Points Family Dental in Burlington KY.  Here is what stood out to me.  We are in the impression stage of this journey.  Last Tuesday, Dr. Wilson, herself, called me to talk to me about the latest hiccup. Now, please know that with all I have been through I resolved myself to the fact this was going to play out in whatever way it was going to. There was no use in getting upset or losing my mind on anyone and Dr. Wilson knew that, so there shouldn’t have been any fear in calling me.  What she had to tell me, she could have had any person of her staff call and tell me.  That was not what she did, she picked up the phone and called me personally.  I was very impressed.  In my lifetime I have had a lot of dealings with dentists and this is the first time one called me personally to explain something especially when it could be bad news! The staff always called.  Good for you Dr. Wilson!!  Outstanding customer service!! 

As you can see, this is about who you are bringing to your virtual meetings. Nancy was a role model for me. I made the decision that I can be like her.  That I was going to bring my best self to the meetings I attend because that is what I would do if I would meet them in person.  You see, each person we meet likes to feel for a moment that we thought them to be special in some way.  Part of making them feel special is how we present ourselves to them.  The first thing you can do for your virtual meeting or in-person meeting is smile at the person across from you with your heart.  A smile is the first impression no matter where you are that can draw people in, make them relax, and make you feel like you are bringing your best self.

I would love to hear your stories on your business virtual meetings!  Please share it below!  It would be so much fun!!  

My third experience

This one might seem trivial, but it impressed me!  The last two Friday’s my husband and I have gone through the drive-through at the local Wendy’s in Hebron, KY.  I place our order on the app so all we have to do is drive-through and pick up our breakfast. The hiccup is, I always order decaf coffee and it is never ready because they don’t have a lot of people who order that, so they brew it fresh when we get to the window, which causes a delay.  Yes, I drink decaf, I like coffee!  Caffeine is not my friend!   I digress!  Here is where it gets impressive.  This young lady (I wish I had her name, she deserves the recognition) explains to us how the coffee needs to be brewed and are we willing to wait.  Which we were. Then she said, “I noticed that you came through last week too.  Do you come through every Friday morning?  Because if you do, I will have a pot brewed and ready for you.”  We told her we didn’t come through every Friday morning but we really appreciated her thoughtfulness and customer service.  She asked us to pull forward and she would bring out the coffee as soon as it was done.  When she came out, she had two in her hands and said to us, “I brought you two because you had to wait.”  Outstanding customer service!!  


They say, things happen in three’s, which told me I needed to think about this topic.  Take a moment and think about your own business.  When you have given customer service that a person would say you gave them Outstanding Customer Service?  Can you think of something? If not or even if you did, think about what you could do to give out customer service that makes people talk about you.  Or, even write a blog!  Please let me know your customer service stories below! 

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