It is goal setting time!

In the last week, I have been sending out to my clients their goal setting sheets and questionnaires for 2021.  This year I added a few new questions..  One of them was about what would hold them back from achieving their goals.  While reviewing the questions with one of my clients, they stated, “I am the problem”. 


Right away, I knew this was a great topic for a blog!  My client, got me thinking, close to home, thinking!  Every one of us, including myself, should step back, take a look in the mirror and be so bold to admit this ‘I am a problem in my business’. I may not be the only problem in my business, however, I am one and sometimes the biggest one!  Many times we are the reason why we don’t achieve what we want to.  We are the masters at coming up with a list of excuses to not do what we should be doing.

Examples would be: 

  • The Pandemic
  • Not enough time
  • Can’t get in front of my clients the way I used to be able to
  • I have so much work ‘in’ my business that it is hard to work ‘on’ my business. 
  • I don’t have the money I need to invest in my business. 
  • I keep getting interrupted and can’t finish my project. 
  • I don’t have enough help. 

The list goes on and on.  You are probably adding your  reasons to this list right now.  Aren’t these all excuses?  Mine would be I am great at procrastinating. Because I work from home it is so easy for me to be distracted by what is going on in the house.  And, many times, that feels like more ‘fun’ than what I am doing.  Especially if I am doing that ‘in my business’ work!  When I am working ‘on my business’ it full steam ahead because that fills me up!   


The question is now that you have admitted to yourself that you are a problem in your business, what are you willing to do to become less of a problem?  

My belief is….

that you have to look at your excuses as ‘toe-stubbing events’ and not walls.  Walls stop us, that is really bad.  However, if I stub my toe, I may hop around a bit, curse the world for the pain and then bite the bullet find my way around the obstacle and keep moving.  That is what we need to do with our business and life!


Ideas for some solutions to our excuses are: 

  • Change your mindset.  
  • Don’t allow any walls to go up.  
  • Check your ‘self talk’.
  • Talk to yourself and tell yourself why it is important for you to do whatever it is you need to do.  
  • Then do it! Do it while you understand ‘why’ and before you talk yourself out of it! 
  • Don’t allow the pandemic to be your umbrella for all excuses.  Restaurants are such a great example of this!  They have, of all the industries, had the hardest time.  However, they also have worked hard to try and re-invent themselves and keep their doors open and hold onto as many employees as they could.  Yes, some have closed their doors, I do admit that.  However, those who could have are still trying to give it the best go they can.  
  • Re-invent or re-work your business  What can you do to make your business work at this time or any time for that matter?! Ask others for ideas. Take polls or do surveys to see if your ideas might gain traction.
  • Use your calendar, plan your time, and create new habits that allow you to use your time wisely. 
  • See who can do the things you don’t like to do.  Maybe you can barter with some else who excels in what they do and they need you because you excel in what you do.  
  • Re-invent how to get in front of your clients.  What are ways you can get in front of that that might be appealing to them?  Try and figure out what they like and entice them that way.  
  • Don’t let someone else’s emergency become your emergency. Weigh your decision heavily about stopping what you are doing to do something else.  
  • Find an accountability partner, a person you trust and can talk to in those moments!  (I have mine). 


There are many solutions to ‘not being a problem’ in your business.  Whatever you do, recognize that it does have to start at the top, in your brain.  Your self-talk.  Changing your mindset. Recognizing your bad habits.  Then holding yourself accountable or getting an accountability partner to help you change your ways!  You only stubbed your toe, you didn’t hit a wall!  Bounce back and move forward to the greatness within you! Your greatness is in your reach! 


Please share your thoughts and ideas! 

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