Being Happy, 

especially right now, can be a challenge. We are still in a pandemic, still basically locked down, society has its struggles, and the news is depressing. This can make it hard for many people to find joy in their lives and happiness in their business or job. However, to keep our sanity, it is good to look for the little things that can keep us going!   


Being an extrovert, this ‘lockdown thing’ has been hard on me. I was so used to seeing my best friend almost daily, working in- person with my clients, socializing with other family and friends. When we were first asked to stay at home, I must admit that I didn’t mind. Not spending all that time in my car allowed me to fill that ‘drive time’ with a lot of productive things both for my business and personal. I could spend more time with my husband and dog. My business allows me to work from home, and Zooming with my clients became the new norm. 


Again, at first, it was OK for everyone involved because they were saving drive time too and using their time in different ways. A lot was being accomplished or not in some cases. Then time dragged on. The happiness of having all this time started to fade. I missed ‘my people.’ Where or what do I do to find happiness? 

Early this morning, 

I was out watering a small patch of grass that I am trying to grow and fix, and the neighbors’ dog, Remy, was outside. I told her to get her ball and I started playing catch with her over the fence. Then Ruby, our dog (14 years old, who never liked playing catch) came over as did Zuma, Remy’s sister. It all made me smile because they were so happy. Between seeing the grass sprouting and tossing a ball with a dog for a few minutes, I recognized how much better I felt. I was smiling and enjoying this early morning moment. It was a little golden nugget of happiness. Then, my first meeting came up on Zoom with one of my clients, the hour flew by, and we both were grateful for our time together and left us smiling. 

Working with my clients

Working with my clients is definitely one of my best places to be—another piece of happiness. Now I am writing this blog, another part of quiet fulfillment! (It has been a goal for me to write one blog a week and I am in week 6!)  We all need ideas at times to help us find what we need.

10 Ideas of Finding Happiness

I have put together ten ideas to help you find happiness in life and business: 

  1. Appreciate the good. Look for the good things in your life, big or small. Reflect on the good and appreciate those things or moments. They happened once and they can happen again, both personal and in business. 
  2. Envision what you want. Be truthful with yourself about what you want and create the picture in your mind of it happening or being accomplished! Create a vision board filled with those things. You see, imagining what you want is the first step in getting it. 
  3. Communicate with those who lift you up.  Call or meet with those people who make you feel good, lift you up, make you smile, or a favorite person to talk to. Do this often. They need you as much as you need them. I have a friend that whenever I need to laugh, she is my first call. I call her my ‘laugh therapy friend’. Who is yours? If you don’t have one, get one! Laughter is the best medicine!  
  4. Do things you love.  If you like to read, workout, paint, cook, meditate, garden, walk in the park, the list goes on, do those things that fill you up. Find the joy in them, like my throwing a tennis ball with a dog. 
  5. Look for the simple pleasures.  The flowers growing, the smell of a fresh cut lawn, a baby’s giggle, a small work triumph, a good glass of wine or beer, a moment of quietness, or a loud ruckus. There are so many simple pleasures that we allow to go by unrecognized each day. Be consciously aware of the small things. Take them in and let them fill you up!  
  6. Go down Memory Lane.Take some time to think about the events in your life that made you feel good. It could be something you accomplished.  It may have helped you become the person you are today. It could be good memories about your childhood, family, friends, college days. Whatever the good memories are; visit and let them do their magic! 
  7. Help Someone Else: A great way to find happiness is to help someone else. It is in our DNA to help others and it can really fill us up! It could be as simple as helping someone with opening a door, or helping on a project, or just listening and not fixing! There are so many things we can do to help each other in small ways.  
  8. Say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’. Say ‘yes’ to something new you may want to do or try. Be brave take that plunge!! Say ‘No’ to that thing you know will not fill you up. To that thing your inner voice is screaming at you to not do! You will feel good just because you said ‘no’.   
  9. Tell Someone You Appreciate Them:  Take a moment to write a note to someone who you appreciate in your current or past life. Let them know. This one will fill you up and them—what a great gift to give. 
  10. Make time for yourself.  Make time to reflect and be who you are and want to be. Remember, you are with the person that you are with the most and that is you. Celebrate that person, love that person, appreciate that person. That person is amazing and should be cherished. We are all here for a purpose. Whatever that purpose is, getting there is easier when we are doing it from a place of happiness and finding the things that fill us up. It might even help you understand your purpose here.  

 Here is one of my favorite vides below that makes me smile, everytime!  Enjoy! 

Let me know what you like to do to create happiness in your life.  




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