while working with one of my clients, Derek Julian of Keller Williams, on his ‘Why,’ he was talking about the things he did in his past, but hated doing them. What he knew about these things is that by doing them they would get him where he wanted to go. It was at that moment another blog was born! It brought back a lot of memories of when I felt the same way and knew we couldn’t be alone. What memories just came to you? 


It is so true in business, if you are a business owner or your income comes from commission, there are many things to be done that you hate doing! Companies emerge because someone sees a need they can fill or have a good skill and can again fill a need of others. They have a passion they want to turn into a business.  

This businessperson loves this part of what they do. It is their flame. They excel, they are filled up, and then comes the ‘wax.’ The ‘Wax’ are the parts of what they do that bog them down, makes them feel sluggish, or slow them down. It can be a considerable weight like you are drowning in quicksand.  

My Flame

is when I am working with my clients. My wax is all the paperwork, paying bills, technology, and the list goes on. Notice something? My flame is focused, I can describe it in a few short words. My love for what I do flows out easily because it is whenever I am with any of my clients and helping them become successful. Why? Because I love what I do and when I am in my flame, it isn’t working to me. It’s my passion! However, that other ‘stuff’ is what brings me back to the reality that I have a business that needs to be run and the list of things-to-do seems much longer because of their weight. Some items in the wax can make my brain hurt.    

My Brother-in-law

I think about my brother-in-law, Mark, he is impressive at woodworking. The work he does with his hands is amazing. He has made pieces that will last generations. He has done finishing work in homes that make the whole home. Like most of us, I imagine he doesn’t like doing the paperwork for his business. It is his wax. I believe his wife, who is more detail-oriented, is doing his paperwork. That is what allows Mark to work in his flame and not drown in the wax.  

Not everyone is fortunate enough to have a person or people to do their ‘wax stuff.’ It is on them to do it themselves. Their business is not in a place to afford the luxury of an assistant, or web builder, or SEO person, and the list goes on. Until they can, there is a positive side to all of this… What You Learn!! 

What you learn!

What you learn is what can make you a success. You learn about how a business runs in the front and back ends. You may learn how to make a website, do your SEO, pay bills, keep records, invoice clients, price what you are selling to make a profit, and so much more. You learn how to barter with others who need your skill, and they need yours. In some cases, you may recognize that you have some skills you did not even know you had.  

While you are doing these things, it may hurt, or you may feel bogged down. However, the next time you do it, you find it goes a little smoother, and you have a feeling of accomplishment. My belief, you learn that when you can finally have the ‘people’ to do those things that are your wax, you appreciate them more (you should). If they are on your payroll, you understand what they are supposed to be doing. And, by the way, you should have that understanding. Yes, they are better at it than you because it is their flame. However, that knowledge will help you run a better business.  

Doing the things, you hate to do, your wax,  makes you better in business in the long run. Embrace your ‘wax’ items and make them your learning experiences. You soon will find yourself working more in your flame, the place you want to be! 


Let us know what some of your wax things are and how you are getting them accomplished. It may give others some great ideas.


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