It is a beautiful Sunday morning.  The temperature is just right, the sun is shining and there is so much to be happy for and yet, I am full of sadness and anger.  I am crying today.

In the last 24 hours, there have been two more horrible mass shootings. So many lives lost, so much mourning and tears to be shed by the family and friends and thousands of people will be touched by these, just like those that have happened in the past!  For some reason, today is my breaking point to just say my thoughts.

When writing I generally stay away from politics and religion.  Really just because as a business coach they don’t always fit into the narrative I am writing about.  However, I am a Christian and some of my writings do have undertones of ‘God’ or ‘Universe’ in them. I am never ashamed of that!   Yes, I believe in God, let’s just get that out of the way.    This isn’t about the gun debate and should we have them or not have them.  It is about making this world a lot better place.

Whatever you believe in, God, Universe, Yahweh, Abba, Allah, Jehovah, the list goes on, and no matter what your gender or sexual orientation is we were all created on the inside the same.  We all bleed the same way, our organs work the same way, the only difference is what is on the outside.  Like presents wrapped for giving, we are all different and beautiful, no matter how big or small. Our outside is the wrapping and our beauty comes from both inside and outside. You see, I believe we all want the same things a good life for our families and the children and those that come after us.  We want happiness and love to surround us and them.  However, somehow this simple fact is getting lost in all the loud noises out there. All the yelling and screaming and not listening!   It is just tiring and saddening. 

In my thoughts I keep coming back to one thing, we keep taking that belief in ‘something higher than us’ out of our lives.  The big push to take ‘God’ or ‘belief’ out of our schools, government, and yes our conversations.  Oh, I was once told by a person close to me that I really shouldn’t use the words “Oh my God” or reference religious anything when speaking because it might turn some people off.  My answer was if that is how they feel then, they were not the right people for me!  I still believe that.  As I sit here on my deck thinking about all those people really hurting today and all the people that are praying for them, I think about the people who don’t believe in God or Universe.  Why? Where did all that go? Why is God so bad? I know when I pray my every prayer gets answered.  Not always the way I want, however, generally for the best.  And, I thank God that I have him in my life! My heart goes out to those who don’t or can’t take the time.

I will talk about Mental Health.  Mental health is a huge issue!  It may be a larger issue now than it has been.  My husband and I have been hit by it twice this year as many have.  One of the closest people in my life took his own life earlier in the year.  And, just a few weeks ago, our belief is that a friend of my husband did the same.  I won’t speak for my husband; however, I know that losing my friend has changed the rest of my life and there will not be a day, I don’t think about him and his pain.   My belief is it is mental health that drives these things, the killings, the suicides the hurting of others. These people feel alone, lost, at their last resort, anger, rage and they react. They react because they don’t feel they have a place to turn.  My belief also is that the more we take God or Universe out the worse it gets.  My belief we need to put God and Universe back into this world. We must inspire the people around us, so they know they are not alone in those darkest moments.  We need to help lift them up, so when they start to slide, they know that ‘someone’ is always beside them helping them.

Now, don’t start talking to me about the President, Politicians, Police, or whatever thing you think is at the source. That is throwing the responsibility at someone or something else. This is not about them.  It is about each one of us as individuals.  You see, the ONLY PERSON you have control over is yourself.  This ALL STARTS with you.  With EACH ONE of us as individuals.  How you treat each other, how you speak to them and how you receive and react to their messages.  It is how we start to treat and heal each other.  It is how we give them permission to reach out to us when they are hurting because they are not afraid and know they will be received. 

I am crying today for all that has been lost!  I am smiling for all that will be saved! Because you, who are reading this, as an individual, you will start to change what you can.  You can be the pebble that creates the ripple in the water.  God Bless You! Thank you for reading!

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