I have not written a blog in a long time. Not sure why, mostly because I just did not make the time. However, it is time now because we are in a time we never saw before.

We are in a ‘pandemic’ and this unseen enemy has us quarantined to our homes. Some may have not ever spent this much time in their own homes. We are discovering things about our homes, families, and about ourselves. Some we may like, such as that we are having family dinners again rather than a drive-through. We have more time with our children, that can have great moments and trying ones. We are reading books, watching shows, that we may have always wanted to, but did not have the time. You might be doing remodeling or fixing things in your home. Getting a feeling of satisfaction and completion! That feeling, I love, of “I did it”! That wonderful feeling of success.

As a Success Coach, “Success” is always one of my favorite topics. Right now, many are going through a lot of feelings around this. Some are feeling successful in what they are doing, and others are struggling with it. Some may be feeling far from successful mostly due to the circumstances they were forced into. However, I want you to take a moment to reflect on ‘what does success mean to you?’ Before you read on close your eyes and think about the things you would call ‘successes’ in your life. Please really do this. Some of mine are My marriage, my son and daughter and daughter-in-law, the relationship I have with my siblings and all the wonderful friends I have, the relationships I try and create with my clients, and making them a friend also. As I write this, I realize that money and material things are not even part of the list. The material things didn’t even come to mind.  That is not good or bad, it just didn’t for me.  If there were material things that you were able to get or achieve, that is awesome, those are a success!! Success means something different to all and that is OK!!

What was on your list? I would love to know in the comments below. Why do you think these things are on your list? Mine, I would say is that as I age realizing that the people in my life are far more important than the material ‘stuff’.   Matter of fact, we are in the stage where we are trying to get rid of stuff and not accumulate more.  It is amazing how ‘things’ stack up quickly! Not that we are hoarders, however, we do have an accumulation!!

Has the idea of your ‘success’ changed since you have had this time to reflect? How has it changed? That alone is a great reflection!  Please let me know in the comments.  Life as we know it may not be the same. However, the new life can be so much better it is all in our perspective.  I cannot wait to hear from you! 

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