You’ve heard it before, “Your life will take you down many paths”. Some paths we consciously choose and some we feel are chosen for us. This has been on my mind lately because I have been thinking about the paths in my own life. All this thinking has led me to take ownership of all paths, past, present and future. My new belief is our paths are not chosen for us; we actually choose all of them. What happens is that they unfold before us. As we journey down these paths, we come to a crossroads and now we have a choice to make.

Which path is your path?

Which way to do I go? Which path do I choose? One path is scary, rocky, and hard to travel. However, at the end is the euphoria of success because you made it. The second path is safe, easy, familiar, and comfortable. However at the end of this journey, you may look back and feel like you missed something, that your journey was mediocre and uneventful. You won’t feel as fulfilled as the harder path.

“Mediocre. My life is mediocre. My business is mediocre.” Did you feel some stinging truth to these words? Do you wish your world wasn’t just mediocre, but a grand adventure? If you love your life, you can stop reading now. This is for the person who wants the life they look back upon in their golden years and says with a smile, “Wow, my regrets are few and my life was AWESOME!”.

This reminds me of the television show, “Who Do You Think You Are?” on the TLC channel. It’s a show that looks back at the ancestry of a certain actors and actresses. It’s always discovered that the actor had an ancestor who did amazing, hard things during their lifetime that really helped shape the life of the person who is looking back. They realize that their life could have been vastly different if their ancestor wasn’t willing to take the hard path.

It’s your turn now. You are standing now at the crossroads of your path, and you are making a choice. Can you see yourself? You have chosen the scary, hard-work, bumps-in-the-road path. Take three deep, slow, breaths: in your nose, out your mouth; in your nose, out your mouth; in your nose, out your mouth. Okay, let’s do this!

You take the first step and look, you are still moving! You see, the scariest part of this journey is the first step. Once you have taken it, you are on your way. You almost feel a little relief because you have made this step; the adrenaline is flowing and you actually can’t wait for the second step! I am so proud of you!

Do you see now, how we choose? When the bumps come up on the path we choose again how we will deal with this bump. No one else can do that for us as we only have true control over one person and that is ourselves.

My goal is to get you to start thinking about your FABULOUS, AWESOME life. This life may take you down the harder path but, in the end, you’ll have few regrets. Over the next few blogs, my goal is to help you take the second, third, and fourth steps.

Now take some time and think about this new FABULOUS, AWESOME life you want to live. In the next blog, I will show you how to create a crystal clear vision of this life. In future blogs, we will talk about the inevitable bumps in the road and how to thrive despite them.

Your first step… taken… setting up life for you and possibly, future generations.

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