This is a simple question, right?

Your assumption is they are saying great things and raving about all the good things that you are doing. Why would they say anything else?  We all hope that and believe it! But, what are they saying, and are they even talking about you? Not talking about you can be just as bad as what they are saying!  Then there is the second part, what are your referral partners saying about you?  Let’s break this down.  


A business person can’t ‘assume’ that they are always being spoken about positively.  You probably have heard the saying of how a person who dislikes another’s service tends to tell more people about that, than when they love a business’s service.  It is sad but true.  I am living it right now!  We have had some pretty bad customer service from a company and I can’t tell you how many people that I have told about it and how I would never use them again.  Then while talking to one of my clients, the discussion came up about how she got an unsolicited testimonial (that is going to be the next blog).  Isn’t that what the goal is?  People talking positively about us even when we don’t ask. That is where great business can come from! 

Here are some questions for you to think about:

  • Do you put out a survey after you completed the service? 
  • Do you ask trusted people what they have heard ‘out there’ about your business? 
  • Have you asked if they are hearing a different message about your business than they may have in the past. 
  • Have you asked what people like or dislike about your business? 
  • Have you asked for just some honest feedback? (It can be painful, however, it can help you in so many different ways!)

It is so important for you to keep your finger on the pulse of your reputation.

A service company that is well known in our community has had a fairly good reputation.  However, in the past year or so, what I have been hearing ‘out there’ about them is that every time they come into a home their people spend the whole time upselling.  It has become a huge turn off and more importantly, customers aren’t trusting them and are feeling they are overpaying.  The customer is feeling like their best interest isn’t what comes first, it is the company’s bottom line.  Not good. And when this message hits social media it is even worse! My thought is that this company hasn’t asked any of the questions above.  They may have a lot of business and maybe don’t care.  However, you need to care. No matter how much business you have, all that business could go away tomorrow.  Losing clients and regaining their business can be a lot harder than keeping the business you have by knowing how your clients feel about you and adjusting to keep them!  

Then there is the 2nd part to all of this. 

That is what are your referral partners saying about your business? In every business, there are a group of people, who could be, clients, non-competing businesses, contact, sphere, friends, and possibly family, surrounding this business that can and should be able to easily refer them.  However, for some reason they don’t.  Many times the business owner/person is just frustrated because of the lack of referrals they are getting from this group when they feel like it should be naturally done.  They blame others when they should be blaming themselves. 

The reasons why they don’t: 

  • We don’t teach others what to say about us.  
  • We don’t teach them the message we want to get out there about our business. 
  • We don’t teach them what to listen/look for to create the right conversation about our business. 
  • We don’t teach them the right questions to ask. 
  • We don’t teach them the fundamentals of what we do!  
  • We don’t teach them who our ideal clients could be.   

Ask your family if they can explain what you do, it will be eye-opening when they can’t. My husband worked for Toyota for 34 years, and one time when someone asked our daughter what her dad did, she responded: “He works for the CIA of Toyota, we really don’t know what he does.” Now, this was in jest of course.  However, she couldn’t tell them more than where he worked and a very brief description that left more questions than answers. It became the standing answer in our family when people asked!  If your family can’t explain it, the people who love us,  how can you expect others to? It is all because we haven’t educated them.   

If you want people to talk about you, you have to make it easy on them. Tell, them what you have going on, who you are looking for, and how they can help you. Trust me, you don’t have to give them a full course education, however, you need to give them some simple basics to run with.  Use the ideas above to get people talking about you in the way you want them to!  It will make a difference in your business and how people react to you. 


 Please share your ideas on this topic with us and help us all grow!

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