It is one of those times

when a topic just keeps coming up!  It is like the ‘red car syndrome’.  You buy a red car that you think is so different and then you see them everywhere!  My ‘red car’ this week is the topic of Vision.  It is all around me the universe keeps throwing information at me about vision.  This isn’t about the eyesight vision it is about planning your life vision. 

If you know me, this is one of my favorite topics and I love coaching around it.  What  is amazing is, I will ask different people the question, “Where do you see your business and life in 3 years?”  The answer is generally the same, “I am trying to keep my head above water now, I can’t even tread the water fast enough and you want me to think 3 years out?”  Yes, yes I do!  You see many people take more time in planning their vacations than they do the path of their life.  They can’t even see where they are going they just know they have to get there somehow or it won’t be good.  This needs to change!  


This morning….

while listening to a great presentation at the ComSpark Women In Technology conference, I heard a great Simon Sinek quote, “Dream Big, Start Small, Just Start.”  There is so much to write about in that one quote, however, I am going to focus on ‘Dream Big’.  

Please take a moment to think about one of your favorite places where you can truly relax.  Mine is on a cruise ship sitting and overlooking the ocean from my balcony room as the ship makes its way through the open seas.  Close your eyes and in your mind, go to your place.  Can you see it?  Can you feel it?  Keeping your eyes closed take a moment and think 3 years from now, where do you see your life?  What have you accomplished, who has it affected, how did you do it?  I ask again can you see it? Can you feel it?  I hope so!  

Many don’t allow themselves the time to do this,

to dream, and surely not to Dream Big.  They are living on the hamster wheel in the day-to-day, bills, job, family, stress, and just trying to get through.  What they don’t understand is if they take the time to create a vision for their lives, the path to get there becomes easier.  The reason for this is, now they can create a plan to work towards that vision. It can now be broken down into smaller pieces. As Simon Sinek said, ‘start small’.  You just take one aspect of your vision and start the path towards it.  That is how all journeys begin, with the first step.  


The other aspect that stops people from Dreaming Big is fear!  They are so afraid to fail.  To have to tell others they may have failed.  Who cares if you fail?!  Who said that the goal has to go away if you don’t do it in the time frame you originally set? It is your goal, you can move the post, you can remove it altogether.  Failing is not failing it is learning!  Every time a person fails it should be regarded as a moment of learning.  How can I do it? What didn’t work? Who can help me?  That last question can be the big one because sometimes we need to admit we need help and find the people who can do this.  You might have to admit to another person that you feel like your failing.  That is OK!!!!  Did you know that people LOVE to HELP people?  It is in our DNA! All we have to do is ask them!  (Ask me about my Kentucky Derby story some time, it is about people helping me!) Did you know that people LOVE to HELP people’s Big Dreams come true? The fulfillment for the person that helps you can be as big as your own.  Please never look at failing as failing!  Look at it as your moment to grow!  Look at it as a step in your Big Dream! Look at it as a step into the vision of your life! 


If you have created your vision statement, please share your success stories.  


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