Yesterday, I was visiting my wonderful friend,

Jennifer Kavensky’s club called Vibe Nutrition. The purpose of the visit was for another one of my clients to see what Jennifer has created as she wants to do something similar in another area.

Jennifer has worked 20 years building a business.  People need to remember; successful businesses are rarely successful overnight. It takes months and years of hard work.  Before that, it takes a passion and a vision of where you want to go. Jennifer’s passion and vision have been evident for a long time.  While coaching her, she wrote a Vision Statement going out five years ahead. She is past that 5-year point, and she has accomplished so much of what she wanted and even more.

However, I digress because the topic is ‘Being a Queen of your Business’!   While Jennifer was sharing her journey of the last 20 years with us, she said something that stuck.  “You need to be the Queen of your Business! You have to create something around that!” She said it with such passion; it just couldn’t get past us!  Now you might be wondering what she means, let me explain.  You must find something in your business that is the heart and soul and build around it.  For her, it was and still is, building a community!

Vibe Nutrition is about…

about health and wellness, good eating, exercise, the right supplements, and so much more.  However, she built her business around the community.  You see it as you sit in her club.  People come; she knows everyone’s name; she then introduces them around to everyone that is there.  People become fast friends or at least fast acquaintances.  You can tell the regulars. They are greeting each other, telling stories and sharing. Recently, a client, who now lives in North Carolina, was excited to be back in the club!  The list I gave at the beginning of this paragraph is just a by-product of the community she has created.  Her community means more to her than anything else.  Please don’t get me wrong; everyone gets into business to make money, whatever that amount is, she is the same.  With the money she makes, she can help her family, friends, and others.  She can open another club in Milford.  It is her giving spirit that genuinely makes her successful and draws people towards her.  She doesn’t feel like anyone is her competitor, and she is willing to share what she knows about growing a business to anyone who asks.  She is ready to help other people become successful in their business.  She loves helping her community to become healthier. She is the Queen of her community, not the princess, but the Queen!!  Her energy overflows and people around her feed off of it. 

My Purpose of telling you this…

My purpose for telling you this is to help you recognize that you need to find the thing in your business that is the heart and soul of what you do.  That thing that you can build around and feel it as you do it. It just seeps from every pore of your body.   What are we willing to work for even in the hard times, because yes there will be hard times? Every successful person has gone through hard times and failed forward. That piece of your business that you build around is YOU!  When people purchase what you are offering, they aren’t only purchasing that ‘thing’ or ‘service’ they are buying into you!  They want your energy, your professionalism, your passion.  They know you care, and they want that. My best friend just told me a very similar story about her business and how an owner of a company wanted her to do the work because of her honesty, integrity, and telling him just the way it is.  She has a lot of competitors out there, but there is only one ‘her’ just like there is only one Jennifer.  That is where you become the Queen (or King) of your business because you reign! 

Please let us know how you are the Queen (or King) of your business!

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